A Brief History…

Seattle born, Drew Arcoleo, is an American musician singer-songwriter who currently resides in Connecticut. His musical passion began as a youth, first with his love for the guitar followed by his discovery of his vocal ability.

After the spontaneous viral youtube video “Golden Loves Guitar”, producer Jimmy McGorman and Robb Vallier came across his other YouTube material and wanted a piece. Arcoleo was brought out to Los Angeles where he recorded his debut single “The Break Up”, released this past June. His most recent single “Keep This Love Alive” was released in October. But don’t worry folks, more songs will be out soon!

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Recently, Drew’a video ‘Golden Loves Guitar’ was used in the new Harvard Pilgrim Health Care campaign! Check it out!

Canyon News Calls Arcoleo ‘Singing Sensation’

UNITED STATES—If you’re a fan of acoustic music, or an addict to song covers, you might already know about Drew Arcoleo from his various tributes to popular singers including Justin…